Updated: Oct 7, 2020

There was much excitement about House of Henna's pop-up tattoo parlour at Boxpark in Shoreditch, so much so that BBC Radio London were interested in talking to us. The pop up parlour was to launch House of Henna's temporary tattoo service in our London based tattoo parlour, opening in Spring 2021. It was Boxpark's first pop-up tattoo parlour and for me there was no place more suited to our body art service than Shoreditch, London. Those who are familiar with Shoreditch won't need to be told about it's cool, vibrant and relaxed vibe. Complimenting the artistic feel of Shoreditch, House of Henna's pop-up shop was situated in the heart of this eclectic part of London. The pop-up parlour with it's contemporary and relaxed feel was a place to lounge whilst enjoying the experience of having a henna or jagua tattoo applied, traditional body art normally done within Asian, Middle East and the Amazon rain forest which is now being made accessible to everyone within a friendly environment. Judging by our client's reviews and feedback, they enjoyed their experience as much as they loved their tattoos. 

With groups of friends walking in, excitedly choosing their tattoos and posting pics of their cool new body art, mums relaxing whilst their children had their temporary fun tattoos to men requesting temporary versions of the permanent tattoos they were thinking of having, there were moments during the week when the pop-up felt more like a henna party than a tattoo parlour! The artists as always were impressive with their creative work. Anyone who's watched a talented henna artist will agree it's mesmerising to watch an artist creating a beautiful design with a henna cone. The designs requested by our clients were broad ranging, the traditional mandalas, lotus flowers and hand designs ( made popular by celebrities like Rhianna) were requested by many. I particularly loved the snake wrapped around peonies and the gorgeously intricate lion. Take a look at some of our pictures of the week when we brought temporary body art to Shoreditch.

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